Just a list of some projects I have done and find useful on my day-to-day life.

  • Apkdoc [git] [apk]

    A document generator for alpine’s index format v2 file1. It will provide a list of Entry to be processed into a template file. That was created so I could keep my packaged organized. Everytime a new package is compiled the docs2 are updated.

  • Lens [git] [apk]

    A read only media server with some media capabilities. It is meant to be a front-end for my Syncthing server. It is inspired by Photoview but with simpler UI and a smaller development requirement, and it outputs a single self contained binary (which is simple thanks to go) which makes the setup easier. That is for now not being maintained, but it still keep it since some parts I developed there will be used in another projects.

  • Reddit to Nextcloud importer [git] [apk]

    A small project that monitors user's saved posts on reddit, downloads its media and uploads to a nextcloud instance.

    It combines 3 projects: praw3 to read and motitor user’s saved feed, gallery-dl4 to download media from several sources, and nextcloud-api-wrapper5 to manage folder and upload files to nexcloud instance.

  • Filter for Nerdcast (pt-BR) [git] [apk]

    Just a small podcast filter to remove and/or split a feed from Nerdcast6 into different segments. The current feed its quite clustered with many programs/segments and this project just helps to clean up so only the segment you want shows up on you podcast client.

  • Password generator [git]

    It started with me having fun with clojure script (last commit7). Now I have been using it as a playground to play a bit with rust/wasm and it is a quite interesting comparison to see in action. The cljs implementation could not handle more than 1k chars, while the wasm can easily handle >100k. Is it useful for a password generator? Probably not, but if it is your use case now I got you covered.